Triksta Genesis

Comme un air de déjà lu :

"There was, in rap, a sense of the black world rising. Unlike the blues or soul, which whites found so easy to plunder and castrate, this seemed to me incorruptible. 
Black music, black rhythms - it couldn't be fucked over. Or could it?
What I loved most the first years was the fearlessness. The best and worst thing about unleashing a form in which everyone has a voice is that 90 cent of humans, given the chance, talk absolute rubbish. No, make that 95 per cent. And, in rap, that figure may well have been higher. Right from the start, it attracted the strange and outright mad. Ten thousand tongues of Babel, all blathering at once; windbags and sickos, verbal bombthrowers, as well as the occasional prophet. But all of them ( and this was the magic ) were fantastically alive, and none were affraid to speak their own truth, however warped. This was the hip-hop I loved, and it's still alive, even if hip-hop heads ( that sad bunch of stamp collectors ) like to think otherwise. "

Can Kanye West save hip-hop ? - Nik Cohn - GQ édition anglaise Décembre 2004.

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